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All of our puppies found a beloved new home.




We probably willl have puppies again by the end of November beginning of December.  Read...

About us!

We, this means my husband Bernd, my Son Dennis and me Petra. Our Son Dennis has his own little family and doesn´t live anymore with us. Of course, I became already a grandma of little Eric-Leon.

When I had been a little child I always wanted to have a little doggy however I never got one. So, I always took care about the doggies which had been in my friend circle. Several  years ago I made my dream come true. After reading a lot of books and magazins I decided to get a little Yorkshire Terrier and I am still very happy about the decision I took. As soon as you get to know this little heartbreakers you will fall in love with them. A Yorkshire Terier just need to be combed once a day, they do not loose hair, they are very intelliegent  and they are very loveable little animals.

So had been my first choice a little Yorkshire Terrier boy names Spike. He had been a very small intelligent boy and brought a lot of life and much joy into our house. Unfortunately little Spikie died too early and I had been incredibly sad. But after a very short time my husband brought a little Yorkshire Terrier lady called Lilofee and she brought back the fun and joy. After a while -I had been fallen in love with the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier - my beautiful Biewer Yorkshire girl Emily took place too. There had been some difficulties at the beginning between Lilofee and Emily however they are very good friends today.I really found my passion and enjoyed my two little ladies and I had been thinking about to start very slowly a small hobby -breed. I still try always to choose the very best  because the Biewer Yorkshire and Yorkshire Terrier for breeding have to be healthy, beautiful and nature -firm and this is, believe me, not as easy as it sounds like. We also have to make heartbreaking decissions sometimes if a hopeful puppy doesn´t mature in such a way as meant. Furthermore we do not spare time and costs and get all of our Biewer Yorkshire and Yorkshire Terrier vet-checked and tested and they are free of patella luxation and liver-shunt.
If you would like to visit our small family: and our Biewer Yorkshire and Yorkshire Terier - we life in Hüttenberg, this is between Giessen and Wetzlar,  in our own house with garden and we are even not far away from Frankfurt - about 50 km.  



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