We sat down some characteristics for the goal of our breed. In order to receive this friendly, lively, intelligent and beautiful little terrier race with their many advanteges, we set on a kind-fair and selected breed. In addition the physical as well as the psychological aspect. I would like to specify some fundamental factors of our breed in the following to you.

- Health and a loveable character
- Temper and self-confident its in relation to enviromental influences and the daily life requirements
- Of course even a pretty, neat and beautiful appearance

But in the first place stands with us the harmony between humans, dog and the environment

This is impressed among other things already in the sensitive coinage phase (4 - 8 life week). In this time it is of largest importance to give the puppy the necessary esperiences e.g. Sufficient contact to humans, environmental influences, contacs to other kind comrades, smell contacts, various noice factors as well as optical influences.

All these factors have large influence on the notivation range of the dog and are thus decisive for the nature development.. The need of sociability to commit themselves the ability and be integrated the fortune into an existing group are only some points, which are in the range of the sozialisation of large importance.

In our breed we do not attach particularly great importance to exhibitions, which are aimed  by many breeders, since these deliver in each case a snapshot of the dog. In addition it comes that the preferences of the respective breed judge come to carrying and are relative thus an objective judgment.Unfortunately it does not concern in the breeding shows in first line the appearance and not around the being of the dog and that consider we already to be al little doubtfully. Just in our current time, where the demands on our dogs are high, is it in priority importance to socialicze the dog well.

We breed  our female dogs not in each seson, but with tracing between them, that could be more than one year and  in addition the physical condition of the dog for us is decisive whether them is breed or not. Our dogs live with us in the house with garden and are fully integrated into the family. You can see all our doggies live there is no hidden doggy somewhere else. They enjoy also daily outdoor excercise in our garden as well as walks.

The contact to our buyers and the support in all questions around the dog  is an important request to us. So that we see our puppy buyers and the dogs breed by us again, we offer now and then a Yorkshire and Biewer-Yorkshire Terrier meeting. Here will be chatted, exchange of experiences can take place and sometimes become some of them friends.

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